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Brightstowe Student’s Academic Constellation: A Stellar Scholarship Journey

Brightstowe Student’s Academic Constellation: A Stellar Scholarship Journey

We are delighted to share that one of our students, Evie, has achieved a remarkable feat by securing a 100% scholarship to attend Sixth Form at Redmaids' High School, an independent girls’ school here in Bristol. The scholarship, a testament to Evie’s dedication and academic prowess, covers all her educational expenses including trips.

The journey began with Evie collaborating with our Careers & Employability Lead, Ms Melanie Powell, who oversees the scholarship programme at our academy. We have a partnership with Redmaids High School, and Collegiate School, creating opportunities for students to explore higher education prospects.

Redmaids’ High School’s rigorous selection process included a taster visit in November, where Brightstowe student experiences school life and sampled A-level subjects. Those who pursued this opportunity underwent Cambridge non-verbal and verbal reasoning tests, assessed online at their school. Evie’s exemplary performance secured her a spot among the top 4-5 students invited for an interview.

During the interview with Paul Dwyer, Head of Redmaids’ High School, and a governor, Evie showcased her academic abilities by discussing the relevance of ‘physical media in today’s society.’ Within a few weeks, the exciting news arrived – Evie had secured the coveted 100% scholarship.

Evie’s chosen A-level subjects include Food Science and Nutrition, Photography, and Business Studies. As an elective subject, she opted for AS Level Spanish, reflecting her diverse academic interests.

Evie said: “I feel so privileged to have secured the scholarship and so lucky too to be able to study at Redmaids.” Ms Melanie Powell noted: “It is an honour to support a young person through the scholarship process and witness them grow in confidence and self-belief. Evie has the ability to do well in any setting, and continuing her education at Redmaids High School will allow her to flourish.”

Principal of Oasis Academy Brightstowe, Andraea Davis added, “In the journey of education, Evie has not just found a scholarship; she has discovered the keys to unlock her limitless potential. We celebrate her achievements and look forward to witnessing her future brilliance.”

Evie’s success stands as a testament to our academy’s commitment to nurturing and empowering our students to reach their full potential.