Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Good attendance and punctuality are essential if you are to succeed at the academy. In fact research shows that there is a direct link between good attendance and academic achievement and future life chances.  

All students must make every effort to attend the academy every day. However we accept that some students may become ill or have other genuine reasons for absence. Therefore we aim to ensure that no students’ attendance falls below 97%. If your child is absent the academy must be notified on the first day. Please note that the academy will not authorise holidays taken during term times. 

If your child's attendance falls below 97% you will be contacted by the academy team to discuss how we can support. This is because attendance below 97% can seriously impact outcomes, confidence and personal development in young people.  

Did you know? One day off school is 5 lessons, one week off school is 25 lessons.  

We believe that it is important that our students are prepared for the start of each day and for each lesson by ensuring they arrive on time. All students are expected to arrive to the academy by 08.45am. Punctuality is monitored throughout the day. Students who do arrive late to the academy will receive a warning. 

Illness, Accidents, Medicines and Signing out of the academy 

During the academy day if, at any time, a student feels unwell or has an accident they must inform a teacher straight away. If they require medical treatment the teacher will direct them to the medical room where a member of staff trained in first aid will assess their condition and make a decision whether or not they can remain in the academy. If the student is being sent home, then the academy will contact their parent/carer to make suitable arrangements. 


If a student needs to take any form of medication at the academy their parent/carer must give permission via MCAS explaining what the medication is for and when the student needs to take it. Any medication should be in its original box or bottle and handed into the 360YTM upon arrival at the academy. All medication should be taken in the presence of a member of staff trained in first aid. 

Signing Out 

Under no circumstances should any student leave the academy for any reason without permission and following the correct procedures. If a student needs to leave the academy to attend to a medical appointment or for any other authorised reason then their parent/carer needs to confirm the reason with the 360YTM via MCAS. Before leaving the Academy the student must get the 360YTM to sign them out.